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Hi! I'm Jamie - A customer-centric product manager based in Toronto, ON.  


I'm currently helping customers choose better financial products at Ratehub Inc, the leading financial comparison platform in Canada. I love building beautiful products in an agile environment & I specialize in solving users pain points in lean, data driven ways

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In 2009 I graduated from UCD, Ireland as a Bachelor of Arts achieving  a joint major in Philosophy & Geography in 2009.


In 2018, among other courses, I completed General Assembly's course 'Product Management', learning how go through discovery, determine the problems you wish to solve, validate your hypothesis, build an MVP, build a roadmap, run your scrums, define your KPIs & OKRs, develop your customers and release in an agile environment.


Below are some of the additional skills I have acquired through my career

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I bring a measured, incremental approach to managing products. First, I define the problems we need to solve, validate my hypothesis (Using tools such as Heap, Looker & Google Analytics) and then build a road map to get to our desired solution. I use tools like Jira, Trello and Asana, as well as stand up meetings and scrum ceremonies, to coordinate and track progress as we head towards launch. Finally, I define the KPIs that will determine success and iterate based on the data.


Leadership & effective communication and are skills I have worked on, and demonstrated, throughout my entire career. From roles that involved training and holding the hands of new staff as they joined our team to my current position managing a team of five. I subscribe to the 'Manager Tools' school of management and believe firmly in the trinity of one on ones, feedback & coaching


Creating and implementing new processes has been a large part of my career. As part of my day to day work I regularly coordinate with cross functional teams to figure out priorities, set targets and then help build the processes necessary to get us there



This is a list of my most recent professional experience. For a more thorough account head on over to my linkedin profile


January 2016 - August 2018

In 2016, I transitioned from working primarily with one of our brands (Ting) to leading a fraud prevention team for all major brands at Tucows (Ting, Enom, Hover & OpenSRS) while also remaining hands-on with the day to day work as required. Key achievements include

● Implementing an entirely new security system on our Hover brand. This helped reduce chargebacks by 75% within 6 months

● Within two weeks of Tucows purchasing Enom, the joint second largest seller of domains in the world, completely taking over their security and anti-fraud process. Implementing a new third party tool and creating the processes necessary to automate a large portion of their order screening

● Building on the unique systems in place for each brand. This includes building on internal systems as well as implementing third party tools such as Kount, Siftscience & Cybersource tailored for the unique security risks each face


October 2013 - January 2016

I started off as a Customer Service Representative in late 2013 at Tucows, moving within 6 months to a fraud prevention role for our Ting brand. Ting was a recently launched wireless provider which in this time tripled it’s customer base and went on to be named one of Americas best telecom providers by Consumer Reports. Despite that, during this time I managed to help decrease liability without impacting growth. Key achievements include

● Creating and implementing an entirely new anti-fraud system which saw us reduce our percentage of revenue written off per month by over 50% and virtually eliminated chargebacks on retail purchases

● Working with various departments (Such as Support, PM, Marketing & Dev) to design & implement processes for reducing our liability while also improving customer experience, as an example creating a process for how support should handle requests for payment extensions

● Being the lead investigator for all cases of potential malicious activity. As an example, when our marketing team launched a new refer a friend promotion during Black Friday, I recovered ~$65,000 in credits which came from abuse of the system
● Verifying all purchases of physical goods for fraudulent activity through the use of Cybersource & Kount in conjunction with Vantiv, PuRSE and Amazon Payments, virtually eliminating chargebacks for fraud on physical shipments

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August 2018 - Present

In 2018 I moved to Ratehub where I've been leading multiple agile SCRUM teams - owning creation and implementation of product roadmaps, backlog prioritization, sprint planning, key metrics & coordinating releases. Key achievements include..

● Lead complete re-build & re-brand of our website on new React based, componentized infrastructure leading to improved performance on key company wide SEO and conversion metrics
● Scoped & shipped new ‘wizard flow’ experience leading to a 70% increase in full funnel conversion for credit card users
● Using quantitative (GA, Heap) & qualitative (User research) data alongside  frequent, rapid AB testing to identify key user pain points and drive substantial conversion improvements

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I've been truly blessed to work with some incredible people throughout my career. Below are a couple of the things my colleagues been nice enough to say about me, for more please check out my linkedin

We said no to contracts, credit checks, and security deposits. Jamie then had to design alternative tools to protect us from identity fraud, delinquency, and network-related risks. We know our fraud and delinquency levels are consistently and considerably below the industry norm, and that is absolutely thanks to Jamie's work in building — and constantly adapting — our risk prevention systems.

This shares with you some of the background, and several of the reasons why Jamie is indispensable to Ting and our growth so far. But I've not specifically called out how genuinely awesome it is to work with Jamie. He loves building our product, he nurtures and supports his team, and he is always eager to tackle new challenges.

Justen Burdette, VP of Product, Tucows

Jamie provides the best possible fraud detection and protection possible for the company as well as our customers. His keen eye for analyzing data, and tireless dedication ensures that we mitigate losses both internally and externally. 

He takes ownership of every account activation and purchase, and resolves conflicts while managing customer expectations. He approaches problems and puzzles logically and with good judgement, to ensure the appropriate outcome, and makes decisions quickly and effectively to minimize losses. 

Jamie is a critical thinker, and his ability to exercise independent judgement has been a very valuable asset for the company.

Chi Nguyen, Project Manager, Tucows

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